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Raw Made Simple White Fish & Chicken - Offal Free

Size: 500g

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500g container with a resealable lid.  Great quality natural goodness with nothing added, resealable clear tub ready for next day delivery.   

Easy to store in your freezer.

White Fish and Chicken Complete meal.

Chicken with Bone 30%, Lamb Tripe 30%, White Fish 20%, Chicken Heart 20%.

A tasty fish meal (Cod) with coarse minced lamb tripe and chicken.  A great texture for your dog’s enjoyment.  The meal comes already mixed together so even the fussiest dogs will love it! Rich in Omega 3 and really good for your dog.

100% meat, nothing added giving your dog the very best complete meal.

A rich textured meal giving your dog a truly enjoyable experience.  Fresh into us, cut, packed and frozen to maintain the best quality.  Sold in a single size 500g container.

We prepare all our meat & bones, they are sourced locally and we pack and freeze them on site.

Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.  Once thawed, open the pack and serve to your dog.

Moisture 75.3%, Protein 17.1%, Oils 4.7%, Ash 2.1%, Crude Fibre 0.9

Kay’s Tip…

Our latest fish recipe! Low in fat and no offal!  We obviously have this recipe correct as your dogs just think it’s great. Full of Omega oils naturally from the fish. Similar to our other oily fish dish, this white fish (cod) flavour will give your dog a great new taste.