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Raw Made Simple Beef - Complete Meal

Size: 500g

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Complete Beef with Fruit & Veg, 500g.
Packed with Vitamin B, iron, and zinc for your gut health.  Every dog loves a beef meal.  Perfectly balanced to the international Fediaf standards with top-quality meat and whole foods.     

Easy to store in your freezer.

Beef Heart (27%)  Beef Green Tripe (20%), Turkey with Bone (30%), Beef Liver (5%), Beef Kidney (3%), Carrot, Green Vegetables, Blueberry, Salmon
Oil, Kelp. 

Beef is a traditional English favourite of humans and dogs.  This tasty meal has a great texture for your dog’s enjoyment.  The meal comes already chopped and mixed together with everything your dog needs in one handy meal. 

A complete meal to give you complete knowledge you are doing the best for your dog.  

A rich textured meal gives your dog a truly enjoyable experience.  Fresh into us, cut, packed, and frozen to maintain the best quality.  Sold in a single size 500g container.

We prepare all our meat & bones, they are sourced locally and we pack and freeze them on-site.

Easy to use, just thaw, open and serve.  Once thawed, open the pack and serve it to your dog.

Moisture 65%, Crude Protein 15%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Fat 16%, Crude Ash 3%.