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Pets Purest Calm Pro - 100% Natural Calming Aid

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Calming Formula: Our drops will have immediate effect in CALMING your pet reducing ANXIETY in times of stress and on a daily basis.

100% Natural: Packing with calming herbs & minerals. Contains VALERIAN which is a powerful & non-addictive herb great to use in situations of stress & anxiety. Also contains MAGNESIUM which has long term calming effects.

Fast Acting & Effective: Only takes around 20 minutes for the drops to work - much quicker than tablets and easier to administer to your pets, simply mix into their food.

Easy To Use: Simply drop our liquid formula into food or water or give direct into the mouth. No difficult tablets to disguise.

Safe Lifestyle Change: Not only is it excellent at times of stress it is safe to be used daily for overall calmer and more relaxed animals.


Valerian, Withania somnifera, Hypericum perforatum, Magnesium.

Suitable For: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Ferrets, All Pets

Add to food, water or drop directly into mouth.

0- 5kg : 4-5 drops
5-10kg : 6-8 drops
10-20kg : 8-12 drops
20kg+ : 15 drops
(+2 drops for every 5kg over 20g)

If amount does not calm your pet DOUBLE AMOUNT for one week and then return to normal. Best results after 3 weeks of use.

Suitable for animals after 6-8 weeks of age.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. For animal use only. Keep out of reach from children.