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Dog's First Power Paste - Raw

Size: 400g

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Designed by Dr Connor Brady as a simple power addition to make DIY raw feeding easier or as a great 'topper' to dry processed food to replace missing nutrients. 

If you are feeding dry food Dr Brady recommends replacing up to 20% of your dogs current meal with some Power Paste on a 1:1.5 ratio. For example if you currently feed 100g of kibble per meal, reduce the kibble to 80g and add 30g of Power Paste. 

If you feed DIY raw, Dr Brady has some great recipes on his website, but in simple terms add your meat and bone components to your bowl and add Power Paste as 10-20% of the meal. 

Ingredients: Irish grass-fed, chemical-free beef liver, Atlantic sardine, beef heart, beef tripe, beef kidney, beef spleen, beef pancreas, fresh and lightly steamed local kale, broccoli, carrot,Irish seaweeds, pre-soaked organic flaxseed meal and organic Styrian pumpkin seeds, beef collagen, organic rosehips,dehydrated organic reishimushrooms, dehydrated wild Scandinavian blueberries, dried beef blood, organic cleavers, cattle hair.